The Yamas: Satya

Sometimes our thoughts, emotions, and moods can dictate how we handle life’s situations. Have you ever found yourself on your own side, yet unable to convince others how you see things? That’s where the Yama Satya can benefit us in our yoga sutras. Satya, or the yama of ‘truthfulness’, is the second of the yamas. Much of our time in our lives can be spent not seeing the truth or reality of situations, and that’s why it is very important to practice Satya toward ourselves.

When you are completely honest with yourself you begin to slow down and create space. You are then able to appreciate the stillness in your yoga practice. One way to enhance this experience is to practice asana with Satya in mind. When you practice asana with essential oils like Frankincense, or the oil of truth, you can have an even more enlightening experience where you truly can commit to this honesty. You can find this essential oil here:

You can also do a simple meditation with Frankincense on your mat too! Simply center yourself after rubbing a bit of the essential oil on your temples. Check in with yourself. Have you had any irrational thoughts today? Observe each thought as it comes to you and let it pass. Don’t get caught up in these thoughts. This might seem difficult at first, but this is why you practice Satya. Accept your emotions and let them go, as it will help you come to terms with your emotions and find inner truth. When moving forward through your truths, repeat this mantra:

Asato Maa Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya

“Lead me from the unreal to the real From darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge) From death to immortality.”


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