Make Exercise A Non-Negotiable

All too often we get super caught up in life and forget to take care of our body as well as our mind and spirit. You might get overwhelmed with work, your children, relationships, or just everything in general. That’s when it’s really important to make exercise a non-negotiable. How do you get motivated in your busy world though?

Simply make exercise a non-negotiable. You can carve out time to do a workout, and it doesn’t have to be 6 days a week. Your workout doesn’t have to last an hour and a half either. There are so many ways to get moving these days that you simply need to find what works with your lifestyle. The first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Set your fitness goals for each week. Give yourself a daily reminder on your phone, in your calendar, or literally on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. Joining a fitness group and liking your group on facebook can also be a big motivator because your news feed will be full of positive messages and reminders that keep you accountable for the goal you’ve set.

Next, you’ll want to find your motivation. What kind of goal do you have with your fitness? Are you looking to lose weight? Maybe tone your muscles or tighten your belly? Or maybe you are looking for an overall more healthy lifestyle all together? No matter what reason you have to exercise this is where you quit negotiating and start motivating yourself with positive self-talk and vibes. When you really need to get your mind in the right place, essential oils can help you get motivated too. For instance, I love doTERRA Motivate. This fresh, clean, minty scent will help you put negative emotions aside and tackle your workout with confidence and courage. You can get it here:

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