Pose Of The Month: Plank!

The benefits of plank pose are endless because it’s one of the best full body poses you can do to strengthen several muscle groups in one pose. When it comes to our pose of the month, you’ll really get a full body workout with this one. Below are just some of the amazing benefits of adding the plank pose to your daily routine.

You’ll Get One Toned Belly The plank pose is one of the best exercises for building that 6 pack you might be dreaming of, because adding the plank to your daily routine can help you build those inner core muscles. As you tighten the deeper muscles in your abdomen, the more slender they become and begin to form.

You Can Cut The Back Pain The plank helps strengthen the muscles in your lower back as you strengthen your core. The minimal movement in plank pose helps you build upper back muscles and core muscles that then support the lower back to help reduce lower back pain. This is especially great if you work in an office or have a job that consists of prolonged sitting.

Increase Flexibility When you do a plank pose, you begin to help muscles in your shoulders, shoulder blades, hamstrings, core, and even in the arches of your feet and toes. This can increase overall flexibility in your body as you strengthen all of these muscles at once.

You’ll Improve Your Balance, Posture and Mood Every exercise comes with a mood boost, but the plank can also help you with balance and posture. Your core should be engaged even when you are doing cardio, yoga, or weightlifting. The plank helps build your core so that you have supreme balance in all exercises. As you build these muscles you will notice that your posture will improve and you will begin to sit or stand up with even more ease than ever before.

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