How Yoga Can Affect Your Gut Health

Did you know that your immune system, among other things, can be directly related to what’s going on in your gut? If your mind, body and soul are all out of balance - that means your health can go down the drain too! Yoga can actually help balance your health and that goes for what’s going on in your gut too!

How Yoga Helps

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Exercise can actually increase the microbial diversity, the presence of healthy bacteria in the gut, when routinely done in moderate amounts and combined with a diet high in protein.” This ultimately strengthens and gives your immune system a sweet boost. You should think of yoga as a massage for your organs. Gentle yoga poses and deep breathing are a great way to relax your gut. Doing this regularly will improve your overall gut health, as well.

You’ll Start To Feel Happier

When your gut is happy, your overall health starts to get happier. You’ll notice that your skin will start to glisten with regular yoga practice. Your immune system will have the boost it needs in the core to give you more energy and more endurance. The healthy microbes in your gut are what process the minerals and vitamins in the food you eat, so you’ll be able to flow through Vinyasa with ease - even if you’re in a warm 80 degree room.

How To Tailor Yoga For Your Gut

There’s no one way to do yoga, so there’s no one pose that is the ultimate for your gut. Gentle Hatha practice can help you focus on your core. As with all yoga practice, it’s best to do it at your own pace. Don’t over exert yourself. Don’t compete as this can cause anxiety. Let go, be yourself, and your gut will thank you for being warm, stable, grounded and focused.


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