Meditation For Busy People

Today's post is meant to be a helpful guide to bringing more mindfulness into your daily life. Keep it as simple as possible and try just the first one of these tips today.

1. Take A Two Minute Time Out.

Sit in a quiet, cool place and just meditate with yourself for 2 minutes. If you can do this for one week, increase it by 2 minutes on week two. By week five you’ll be doing a 10 minute meditation without noticing you added it to your busy schedule.

2. Take Your Time Out First Thing In The Morning.

This is a great way to get over the meditation hurdle and just start doing it!

3. Don’t Worry About How To Meditate.

Just meditate. Set a timer. Sit on your bed and cross your legs. Let everything leave your mind. Concentrate on clearing everything away. See a blank space with nothing in it.

4. Check In With Yourself.

Just think about how you are feeling. How does your body feel? How do you feel in general? If you’re fatigued, anxious, know it’s going to be a busy day - just know it’s okay to bring that into your mediations.

5. Don't Focus On Anything.

Just start paying attention to your breaths. Are you breathing into your diaphragm? Inhale deep, exhale deep. If your mind starts to wonder, just smile to yourself and turn you mind back to your breathe. Inhale deep, and exhale deep.

6. Stay With Your Thoughts and Feelings.

If thoughts and feelings start to come up again - stay with them. There’s no wrong way to meditate. Just be curious and stay with it for a few breaths. Here is where you should develop a loving attitude toward any fears, anxiety, and frustration. Exhale it away and check back in with yourself.

7. Smile When It's Over.

You’re getting to know yourself and checking in on a daily basis. Just know that no matter what goes on inside your own meditation that at the end of it you should be proud that you stuck with your two minute goal and be grateful.


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