Exploring the Niyamas - Tapas

Want a great way to guide your moral compass?

The Niyamas are a great way to set your life goals on a more positive path - especially toward yourself.

The third of the Niyamas is the ‘Tapas’. Traditionally this Niyama is seen as the one of “austerity” or “discipline”. The word Tapas comes from the Sanskrit verb which means “tap” and translates in English “to burn”.

The Tapas Niyama evokes a sense of passion, one that often comes from a fiery discipline or need to cultivate a sense of courage in your daily disciplines and cultivate a greater sense of self-discipline overall. The Tapas helps one cleanse themselves of emotional, physical and mental impurities by burning them off to pave a way for our true greatness to flourish.

There’s always something you put off when it comes to yoga, right? For instance, maybe you hate keeping your arms up during Warrior II or you lack focus in your Tree Pose that continually makes you fall or jitter when you lift your leg into your thigh? Maybe you should tap into some Tapas on your mat.

You can bring Tapas into any pose you find difficult or can’t get to the next level.

Simply bring into your mind the thought that you are going to cultivate the discipline to sustain the pose.

Next, continue to inspire your mind with the determination to hold the pose as long as possible. Check in with your breathe.

Inhale for two counts, exhale two counts. Here, you can invoke a chant to help you on your breathes with determination and focus.

Use the fire provoking mantra “Om agnaye namaha." Once you feel your chant is complete, return to your inhale and exhale breaths for a count of three.

Come out of your pose energized and ready to take on the day. Share with me if you try this - I'd love to know your results!


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