Satisfy Your Second Brain - the Stomach

I’m wrapping up the second week of the cleanse, and I’m noticing some really amazing things about my overall health and how it connects to how I eat.

You have probably noticed some changes like I have, too, especially if you’ve ever done a cleanse or any sort of restricted diet. What you put it directly affects how you feel, and it’s so incredibly true that true health manifests from the inside out.

When your organs feel healthy, you feel healthy. Your organs will feel healthy when they’re getting proper nutrition and you’re minimizing the toxic load they’re having to manage. If you’re not quite sure what that is, read on, because I’ve got some awesome information to share!

What is Toxic Load?

First, let me share this: a toxin is “any substance that causes excess stress to the body.” Not every item of food available to us is as toxic to some people as it is for others (think: allergic reactions and sensitivities) where some foods are equally toxic to all people (think: poisonous mushrooms).

The term Toxic Load “refers to the volume of these substances that have been accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden it places on the body systems and vital organs.”

Okay, that was quite a mouthful, so here’s a layman’s terms version: We all know that we are not supposed to drink sea water, right? It’s toxic to humans because of the tremendously high levels of sodium and other elements. Drinking a sip of sea water as you swim in the ocean is not going to immediately kill you, but drinking a certain amount of sea water over a period of time will cause salt to be retained by the body, which - in high amounts - is poisonous to us.

There are many substances that are toxic to humans that we find in trace amounts in various foods that we wouldn’t normally consider to be a problem. But they do add up, and they cause our body to have to work harder to expel them, digest them, process them, what have you.

It’s this toxic load that causes us to feel a little bit ‘off’ some days, and downright terrible on other days. Check out this article on the brain gut connection that I found really helpful as I started making changes in my diet. In particular, I found the GX Assist and PB Assist+ supplements to be helpful in managing my good gut flora (making the helpful bacteria grow!) while on the cleanse I’ve been doing.

I’ve noticed that my head has been clearer (and so has my skin!) while taking these supplements and really being specific about what I’m putting in my body.

What have you been doing to make sure you feel amazing?


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