Cutting Out Caffeine While Cleansing

I’m cutting out caffeine as part of my experience with the Clean Plate, Clean Slate challenge. I’m not telling you this because I think that you should cut caffeine out of your life as well.

Sharing my experiences is part of who I am. It’s why I teach yoga and talk about what I like to call “better living through plant chemistry” (which is also known as eating a plant-based diet and using essential oils).

What I’m trying to say is that I know getting rid of caffeine isn’t for everyone. I’m not even sure that living the rest of my life without caffeine is right for me! But I’m letting go of caffeine in my diet for the next 30 days, and I wanted to share the reasons why.

Mental Stimulation

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. The temporary reduction of fatigue and drowsiness can be felt almost immediately, but it is not a substitute for adequate sleep.

Too much caffeine can overstimulate the brain, however, and that mental alertness can quickly turn into confusion.

Emotional Stimulation

In small amounts, caffeine can be a positive mood enhancer!

Your body gets used to the effects of caffeine, making it difficult to tell how much is too much - and too much caffeine can cause irritability and headaches.

Physical Stimulation

The alertness you feel after a great cup of coffee is like no other feeling in the world (except maybe riding a roller coaster, which doesn’t quite fit into my daily schedule).

Too much caffeine can cause a lot of physical issues, including rapid heartbeat, heartburn, nausea and vomiting (from too much acidity in the stomach), jittery feelings, increased blood pressure and diarrhea.

Over time, you develop a tolerance to the positive effects of caffeine, and the negative effects become much more pronounced. Decreasing your caffeine consumption is best done by reducing your intake slowly.

I’ve cut it out cold turkey, and I can say just one thing:

Cutting Out Caffeine is Hard, Y’all.


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