4 Ways to Make Over Your Mood

It can be so hard to maintain a positive outlook!

Life gets stressful, and there’s rarely a moment when you don’t have something that needs to be done. You’re probably familiar with the feeling of juggling too many tasks - you might not even remember what it was like to have a free day with nothing to do!

Stress, overwhelm and discouragement are all familiar feelings, and these negative experiences usually arrive hand-in-hand with fatigue and frustration. These experiences impact your mood, which impacts your entire body which - in turn - impacts your health.

Where feeling good leads to being in a good mood, likewise feeling bad leads to being in a bad mood - and bad moods can lead to experiencing negative feelings for extended periods of time.


How can you manage your mood and health better, so that you can experience more good health, good feelings and a good life?

You might have guessed I was going to suggest essential oils. Regardless of what else they can do, essential oils can help balance your emotions and improve your overall life experience.

Here are a few of my favorite oils and what I suggest they be used to improve:

Let Go of Worry

Diffusing Geranium or Cedarwood can help relax the mind and calm the nerves.

Let Go of Anger

Diffuse Ylang Ylang or Arborvitae to reduce stress and tension.

Apply Patchouli to the soles of your feet to calm your emotions.

Let Go of Stress

Apply Frankincense to the soles of your feet to balance your mood.

Diffuse Roman Chamomile, Vetiver or Lavender to calm and soothe the body and mind.

Let Go of Nervous Feelings

Apply Clary Sage to the soles of your feet or pulse points to balance your hormones.

Diffuse Bergamot in your bedroom or office to brighten and calm distressed feelings.

It's always a great idea to know what to reach for when you want to feel relief from negative feelings. Please feel free to share this article with someone you know who is handling a lot of stress in their life!

I also highly suggest getting a few of these essential oils with high school grads who are headed into college this fall. These oils are a healthy way to handle what's headed their way!


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