Focus on Niyamas: Saucha

Saucha signifies cleanliness of mind, body, soul and environment, all helping to direct us towards a positive lifestyle.

Saucha in the home

Our surroundings regularly reflect our frame of mind. You are probably going to identify with the idea that if your bedroom or house is cluttered, your head can often feel somewhat messy and cluttered also.

It’s important that we're in clean surroundings, with surfaces that are clear and possessions we desire (rather than possessions we have hoarded through time and can’t seem to get rid of). That panicked feeling of needing room to breathe goes away, and then we feel a great deal better in our mind and body.

Wearing clean clothes, using a tidy and - if possible - using a committed yoga room to practice in enables us to approach each session just like a blank slate, without needing to catch our attention and put off the chattering mind.

We all know that bathing is a fantastic idea to have as part of your everyday routine - not only is being tidy important to keep us healthy outdoors and in, but cleanliness signals a feeling of self-esteem.

Saucha in the yoga class

Sometimes after a long, draining class, we just want to roll up our mat and melt into a hot shower. Try to make a habit of spraying down your mat and unrolling it at home to fully dry out to keep it clean. Remember to wipe down your yoga blocks at home, even though the only person using them is you.

Saucha in the diet

If the foods you take in include a lot of preservatives, additives, and pesticides our bodies must work harder to neutralize and remove these unnatural compounds before being in a position to consume the goodness out of what we drink and eat.

Obviously, it is not always feasible to consume organic or to eat completely un-processed foods and drinks. Also, to be fair -- we should not pressure ourselves to adhere rigidly to anyone else’s eating principles.

Saucha in the mind

‘Clean’ thoughts does not need to mean 'pure' in the sense of merely thinking only of 'sacred', or what we may consider 'pure' ideas -- it merely means not thinking negatively! We all have a choice in the way we think, and by directing our thoughts towards joy we can add joy to our lives and into the entire world around us.

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