Embrace Abundance with Wild Orange

We all go through ups and downs when it comes to feeling abundant. The scarcity mindset can sneak into our heads in small ways, which trigger larger feelings to surface.

Wild Orange is an excellent weapon for combating those feelings of scarcity as they arise, in a variety of ways. Using Wild Orange essential oil helps you tap into the real meaning of abundance because helps individuals release feelings of fear, fosters creativity and enhances a positive mindset.

Some of the ways that scarcity can manifest are:

  • fear and nervousness

  • lack of humor

  • low energy and lack of willpower

  • inflexibility and insecurity

  • envy and selfishness

  • lack of gratitude

In short, the scarcity mindset stems from a belief that there is not enough. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough food, not enough stuff. With a focus on abundance, and living from an abundant mindset, it is easy to believe that there exists enough for everyone.

Wild Orange encourages you to let go of those scarcity mindsets – in all manifestations – and understand that there is plenty. It can help people release the need to hoard, which is the exact opposite of abundance!

The feelings that Wild Orange essential oil can bring include creativity, spontaneity, playfulness, joy and generosity. It inspires the sense that there are limitless options and solutions to any problem that may arise and encourages one to feel like they can release their fears.

Diffuse Wild Orange essential oil in your home or office, add a drop to a glass of water or just rub a drop between your hands and inhale deeply. Wild Orange is also a great oil to use topically, and can be applied to your lower stomach to help balance the 2nd chakra. 

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