Pose Highlight - Low Crescent Lunge

Benefits of Low Crescent Lunge

The low crescent lunge is a great pose to really kick the metabolism in gear. This particular pose is great for increasing flexibility and opening up the hip flexors, hamstrings and lower back. If you’ve ever experienced all over tightness in your legs or lower body, this is the pose for you.

Great for beginners, the low crescent lunge can help you move into a full crescent pose. A great way to find balance, the low crescent lunge is a beautiful pose and one we hope you will include in your daily yoga routine.

How-To Do The Low Crescent Lunge

Start in downward facing dog and inhale your right foot up high toward the sky. Next, step the right foot forward in between your hands and drop the back knee down to the mat, and untuck the back toes.

Inhale take your hands all the way up to to the sky, and exhale. Holding here... Press down through the front big toe of the right foot and be sure the knee is in line with the toes. Press down the top of the back foot onto the mat. Inhale and exhale again.

Next, lift your chest up and slowly pull your chest back as you allow your hips to drop forward, lengthen the tail bone down and reach through those fingers. Take a quick check of your hips, your two hip bones should be square to the front of the mat, engage the core to adjust the right hip back and left hip slightly forward. Breathe here for a count of five inhales and exhales.

Inhale, Exhale and bring your hands down to the mat. Inhale, look forward, lengthen and lift the right knee off the mat. Exhale step the right foot back downward facing dog.

Repeat on the left side.

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