3 Ways Meditation Impacts Your Brain Chemistry

If you’ve ever wanted to add meditation to your daily routine, here are some amazing reasons to get started. Some people often dismiss meditation thinking it can be all about humming or chanting and sitting still for hours. You can do a simple five minute meditation daily and still get the same benefits as you would doing it for hours. Here are some great reasons to start meditating today.

Say Goodbye To Antidepressants

While you should always talk to your doctor before changing your medications, meditation can certainly help anxiety and depression. A study at Johns Hopkins in 2015 helped make the case for meditation when researcher Madhav Goyal found mindfulness meditation has the ability to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. With time you maybe able to reduce or stop taking your meds altogether!

Meditation Increases Concentration

Regular meditation can have a positive effect on your attention span and help you to concentrate. Morning meditation can help you tackle the day by helping your mind stay on track. You’ll be less likely to go into mind-wandering mode, and pay more attention to the tasks you have at hand. Overall, making you far more productive throughout the day. Don’t believe us? Yale did a study on it here:

Meditation Brings Comfort

People who meditate are generally far more happy. They tend to stick to activities like diets and regular exercise. Meditation helps you be a little more happy in your daily life. You tend to be more perceptive and open to the world around you and less self-centered in things like work and home life. A great way to enhance your meditation experience and really open up your chakras is to use essential oils alongside your daily routine. When meditating, go for a console comforting blend. Blends of mints and florals promotes grounding and soothing, while also promoting hope and emotional well being. You can find a great essential oil here:

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