It's Safe to Take Essential Oils Internally - Here's What You Need To Know

Essential oils are making waves in the healthy lifestyle world, and for very good reason. Essential oils offer emotional support, immune system support, as well as promoting a general sense of well-being. The question has come up recently on whether or not essential oils are safe to ingest. So, is it safe to ingest essential oils?

Some aromatherapists suggest discussing the internal consumption of essential oils with your doctor if you are on medications. Medications can often react differently with essential oils, so it’s best to have a talk with your doctor before you start taking essential oils internally. Essential oils have a long history of medical use, so just as long as they are not misused you should be perfectly fine using them internally.

According to The French Model as explained by doTERRA, “Taking essential oils internally, was originally advocated by three prominent aromatherapists: Jean Valnet, Paul Belaiche, and Henri Viaud. Internal use involves consuming essential oils in a vegetable capsule or softgel. They are absorbed into systemic circulation via the digestive tract. Generally considered the most potent method of application, internal use of essential oils offers powerful effects to the body.” Historically, essential oils have played a big part in internal herbal therapies and medical treatments.

People have been using flowers and teas to make products like teas and spices for centuries, essentially meaning people have been consuming essential oils for centuries. Plants and extracts are also found in herbal products, and consumed in small doses are non-toxic to humans.

According to doTERRA, “Today, many essential oils are found on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list (8), which affirms the safe use of essential oils as flavoring agents and preservatives.” Which essentially means, essential oils are safe for human consumption. Just be sure to use the appropriate dose in veggie caps or soft gels. A very common internal use is a few drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil in water, so easy and great for the body!

You can read more about the internal use of essential oils here

Finally, please note that doTERRA essential oils that are approved for internal use have a Nutritional Facts Label on the bottle and directives for use. Please review these before using internally, and again if you are taking medications it is best to discuss with your doctor before use.

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