The Significance of 108 in Yoga

The significance of 108 in yoga throughout history is one of great importance - especially to modern day yogis. From mathematics to science, religion and medicinal practices the number 108 appears many times. As we have introduced sun salutations, the number 108 is just as energizing and enlightening when practicing yoga. While some believe the number 108 to be open to interpretation, below are some of the many ways you can bring the significance of the number 108 into your daily yoga practices.

The History of 108

The number 108 has been a sacred number in the history of yoga, as well as Hinduism. The number 108 is also a Harshad number meaning an integer divisible by the sum of its digits. Harshad is a Sanskrit word that means "great joy". Since there are said to be 108 energy lines to and from the heart chakra. Because sun salutations are an amazing cardiovascular workout you will no doubt better understand that you are stronger than you think.

108 Sun Salutations

Sun salutations help you shift bad energy that is trapped in your body. When you activate the body, mind and soul through 108 sun salutations you will also begin to shift your perspective. Your inner drive will kick in and help you move through challenges with ease. Doing 108 sun salutations isn’t just about connecting on a more spiritual level with your yoga practice, but also help you celebrate the sun and all of its life energizing glory.

108 Yogic Practices

You can also tie the number 108 into other yogic practices. From 108 Upanishads to 108 sacred Ayurvedic points in the body, Mala beads, and distance between sun and earth - 108 has much more meaning than you might have thought. Malas or prayer beads traditionally are made with 108 beads and one guru bead, around which the 108 beads turn like the planets turn around the sun. Next, there are 108 pithas or sacred sites found throughout India, as well as 108 Upanishads and 108 marma points, therapeutic or sacred points in the body that can be massaged with essential oils for pain relief.

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