Essential Oils for Emotional Support - Geranium and Frankincense

Essential oils are a great way to emotionally connect with your senses and heighten your personal support system. When using essential oils for emotional support your body and the oils work in synergy with one another for a beautiful combination of love and trust. When you’re looking to add additional happiness and peace to your life, these essential oils are key to your emotional well-being.

Geranium Oil of Love

Love and trust can go a long way especially when it comes to the upcoming holiday celebrating love - Valentines Day. Geranium oil is said to promote happiness and peace, as well as reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Geranium can help balance the Brahmacharya or continence Yama by helping us break the bonds of excess and addiction. When we practice emotional well-being when it comes to anxiety we tend to find we can better control our physical impulses and be more content and happy in our emotional relationships. You can find Geranium oil here.

Frank Oil of Truth

Truth is a must have in any healthy relationship, especially one that practices the 5 Yama's. Satya or truthfulness, promotes a life where one must speak the truth. Using frankincense in your daily emotional support routine can help you eliminate and reduce the presence of bad karma, and also help you maintain a healthy balance of energy between you and your partner. Practicing the Yamas as part of your emotional well being with essential oils helps us strive toward living holier more beautiful and peaceful lifestyle. You can find Frank oil here.

Forming The Ultimate Emotional Connection

While you can create an emotionally sound atmosphere by using these essential oils in an oil diffuser, you can form and even deeper emotional support system by rubbing the essential oils on your temples. Don’t be afraid to use them with your partner when intimate or during yogic practices to better support your mind, body and soul. Just a dab on your temples or behind your ears will help your create additional emotional support using essential oils. You can also bring these decadent oils into the bedroom and promote healthy sleep by adding a drop or two to your pillow.

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