Soft, Beautiful Skin With the Right Essential Oils

Skin care is so popular these days that it can be really hard to narrow down what works and what might just be a bunch of fake news. Essential oils are making waves in the health world, so why not mix them into your skin care routine? If they can calm and soothe, they can also help you attain soft, radiant skin while you sleep, right?


Used by the Egyptians, Geranium Essential Oil promotes sublimely radiant skin. With it’s natural, non-toxic benefits, you’ll love adding this to your daily routine. Adding this to your nightly skin care routine can help brighten and tighten skin. It can also help reduce wrinkles and tighten muscles, treat acne, and reduce inflammation.


As an aromatic essential oil, using frankincense can calm the stress out of your life and help you get some serious zzz’s. Frankincense can also reduce inflammation while you sleep, so you wake up with already depuffed skin.

Nightly Moisturizer

To create the perfect nightly moisturizer, you’ll need: a whisk, ⅛ cup coconut oil, ⅛ cup aloe, 3 drops geranium and frankincense essential oil. Simply whisk all of the ingredients together. Apply to face, and fold remaining moisturizer into a sealable jar or container, and use nightly. Just remember if you use fresh aloe from a plant, you have to refrigerate the mixture. You can keep this night cream for up to two weeks - but in my experience, you’ll need to make more by then especially if you use this on your whole body.

This night care cream also makes for a great skin soothing cream after shaving. Don’t be afraid to use it liberally on your legs and body as well!

Note: Be sure to test out essential oil on a small area such as the forearm to make sure you don’t have any skin sensitivity.

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