Feeling Better with Deep Blue

I wish I could tell you that, as a yoga teacher, I never get sore, tired muscles. There’s this idea floating around that “once you get conditioned, you stay conditioned,” which is simply not true. Just like anyone else, if I’m working out muscles those muscles feel the effects.

No matter how much you practice yoga – or tennis, football, running, etc. – if you’re pushing yourself to reach your next goal, you’re going to create new muscles. By doing so, you’re creating damage to the muscle tissue, which rebuilds itself while you’re sleeping, making you stronger. It’s a pretty amazing process, for sure, but it also means you never reach ‘stasis’ – you’re growing, reaching, learning and strengthening yourself. Staying still is just about the same as if you never did anything at all. That doesn’t feel good, though, does it?

You’re practicing in order to learn your body better, to grow stronger and healthier. Growing requires effort and effort makes change. Those changes need to be taken care of! One of the best ways to take care of your body is give the muscles and tendons what they need to recover. I’ve found that my recovery goes faster when I use the Deep Blue essential oil after practicing, and I thought I would share it with you, hoping you might feel the same relief I find!

Deep Blue works by infusing the muscles with the essential oils that support healthy cellular regeneration. It’s an externally applied supplement featuring Wintergreen and other natural plant extracts to draw blood to the inflamed tissue to heal it. This incredibly powerful, organically-derived blend then helps cool the area for recovery.

Where do you find that you’re most sore after a hard workout or intense yoga class?

Have you tried Deep Blue for pain relief?

Email me with any questions about getting started essential oils ❤️💧


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