Living a Yogic Life in 2018

Did you decide that 2018 is YOUR Year of better wellness, better health and better living?

If you did, I’m so excited that you’re here, because that’s what I will be focusing on as well! Yes, you read that right – I am also creating a life of health and wellness. You and I might be at different points, but we are both on the same path. That’s why my focus is on helping you make small changes toward living the best life you have available to you. Everything I share is meant to inspire and help you in these small, incremental changes that will have huge beneficial results!

If you decided to take the plunge into living your best life with yoga classes, I wholeheartedly support you! If you have the ability (and are in the area), come join me at my studio for classes. You can find the schedule HERE and click the ‘Events’ tab.

If you’re not in the area, consider looking up classes online, or download a yoga app. If reading is more accessible to you when learning new things, I highly recommend picking up a yoga book or two. My favorites are The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope and Yoga and the Pursuit Of Happiness by Sam Chase. While these are not asana focused books I really enjoyed them and hope you will too!

Remember: Consistency is Key, Yoga is a Practice. If you can’t fit longer classes into your schedule everyday, that’s perfectly fine. Attend a class once a week for proper alignment/instruction and to understand what you need to focus on for your body and then practice at home for 20 minutes a day 4 times a week. Or what about adding 10 minutes of sun salutations to your morning routine to wake up your body for the day? Then you can add 10 minutes of gentle stretching before you go to bed to help you get better sleep. There’s 20 minutes of yoga in a day, and you’re already living in a healthy way!

How will you incorporate yoga into your weekly schedule in 2018?

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