Clean Plate, Clean Slate – Happy New Year!

Okay, we all might have gone a little overboard on our indulgences this holiday season. There’s no shame or judgement, it’s just what happened. All those holiday treats were lovely but now you’re ready to get back on track with more veggies and less processed food.

Food is meant to nourish and serve us, not deplete and deteriorate us. Getting the health body that you want begins with putting in the right fuel. The food you eat can either make you feel alive or feel tired.

Plant-based food and diet decisions can make the difference in your health and help you get away from calorie counting, checking your macros, measuring and tracking everything you eat to the nth degree. You’ll never hear anyone say, “I need to cut back on the spinach and broccoli so I can shed a few pounds!”

I highly recommend Dr. Furhrman’s “Eat to Live” as a good plan for eating more plants regularly. Here are a few ideas for getting started:

• Grab a piece of fruit – banana, grapefruit, apple, one half cup grapes. • Kombucha or Coconut water for a quick pick-me-up. • Hummus and veggie sticks. • A green juice or smoothie from a juice bar or a high-quality brand. • A handful of roasted nuts. • Some steamed edamame.

One of the hardest things to plan for is what to eat when you find yourself out and about but haven’t planned for a meal or a snack. Make sure to pack something easy to carry but sustaining, like a homemade energy bar or even just a Lara Bar.

Nothing happens overnight, but overnight you can make the decision to put yourself first. You can make the commitment to improve your health for just a few days here at the beginning of the year. 

Don’t go crazy, just choose to make a change for a few days. If that feels good, extend it to more. 

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