Building Yoga into Your Life in the New Year

A brand-new year is just a few short days away. In what ways will you choose to serve yourself in 2018?

Yoga is a tremendously powerful practice that you have chosen to include in your days. It brings so much balance and wellbeing to every aspect of your life. Now is a perfect time to start or cement great habits that will help you naturally realize better long-term health and happiness.

Here are a few ideas for ways you can incorporate a yogic lifestyle easily:

Commit to a Challenge Yoga is a lifestyle, but it’s also a habit. Joining a 21-day challenge for the first few weeks of the year is a fantastic way to keep up your practice. It’s also a solid way to build a foundation of health that will last you the entire year. A regular physical practice can be even easier to build if you surround yourself with people who will help you keep on track.

Commit to Building Your Practice You may not have access to a yoga studio that allows you to practice when it works best for your schedule. Maybe you can only make it to one or two classes a week. Don’t give up on building that daily practice, though! Consider getting a book of the basics that will help you integrate yoga into your day to day life and drive the change you want to see. Consider Baron Baptiste’s “40 Days to Personal Revolution” because it starts small and is a great supplement to classes with a trained teacher.

Commit to Just One Improvement I want to share just one small thing you can do to increase your overall wellness in the new year without a large cost or commitment. It’s as simple as this:

Keep it Clean.

• Kick your shoes off at the door – keep bacteria out of your house.

• Clean your yoga mat regularly – I use a blend of essential oils as a non-toxic cleaner that doesn’t damage my mat.

• Change your air filters – this is a cheap and uncomplicated way to ensure the air in your home is fresh and clean.

How will you build a more yoga-focused life in 2018?

Questions... reach out!

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