Take Time to Be Grateful

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Lao Tzu says “When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

Being grateful is a simple practice that is so incredibly difficult to start when you’re feeling at your most frustrated, overwhelmed or low. But it is at those times that you most need the reassurance that the universe has blessings and small mercies in store for you.

When you start listing the things for which you are grateful, you begin to shift your focus away from your pain, frustration and stress you feel. Diligently building a daily practice of gratitude is one of the best ways to bring happiness, peace and prosperity into your life. It’s easy to start a daily gratitude practice, and you literally don’t need to commit more than one minute at first.

Set a Time

One minute is all it takes to get started with a daily gratitude practice, and it’s important to hold yourself to that one minute every day. So, put it on your calendar. There is no one on earth who is too busy to set aside 60 seconds in their day in which to express their gratitude and count their blessings. You can make this time, and if you put it as a reminder on your phone, you can easily make it a daily habit.

Commit to It

Even though there may be days where all you want to do is complain about all the things that are pressing in on you or you think you can’t find a drop of energy to shift your perspective – do it. Use that one minute to sit still and find even the smallest thing for which to be grateful, and do it every day.

Start Out Slow

You don’t have to come up with a list of 100 things you’re grateful for right away. On your first day, you might only come up with five, or even just one. That’s totally fine. Keep at it, and the thoughts will come to you.

Write it Down

Write down that one thought, or five thoughts or however many you come up with. Committing these things for which you are grateful onto paper or in a computer file feels stronger than just speaking the words out loud. It also helps to have a list to read at a future time when you’re feeling less grateful.

Share Your Gratitude

This is a wonderful practice to share with someone else. Maybe it’s your spouse or your life partner or your best friend. Find someone to partner with, to share your gratitude with, and to hear theirs. By sharing, you will keep each other going even on days when it gets hard to be grateful or find time. The sense of obligation to that person will outweigh any selfish desire you feel to just give up on days it’s too difficult. Additionally, reading what another person has said they are grateful for will inspire you and help you find reasons to be grateful more easily.

On a personal note - I would like send gratitude out to everyone who came to practice with me this year at Studio G. Your continued support fills my soul. I am looking forward to helping empower your life in 2018 through yoga, plant life lifestyle choices and essential oils!

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