Tips to Be Well through the Shortest Day of the Year

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One of the hardest things to deal with during winter is how the days get significantly shorter. I always notice sometime in late October that afternoons start getting longer shadows as the sun sets earlier. Then I feel startled when we ‘fall back’ for daylight savings time. Suddenly I’m leaving the house when the sun still hasn’t risen and I’m arriving back home when it has already started to set. If you’re in an office, you might not even get to see a hint of sunshine all day long! Arrrgghhhh....

December 21st isn’t just another dark winter day in the Northern Hemisphere – it’s officially the shortest day of the year. This marks the moment when we start rotating a little bit closer to the sun every day and spring will (eventually) arrive. But what can we do to keep up our good spirits when the world seems so dark and cold? I have two suggestions for you today, both of which should help you stay a little happier and warmer until those spring days finally arrive:

Get a Happy Light This gadget just might save you when are not getting enough sunshine and Vitamin D to feel healthy and happy. Try an option such as the Verilux HappyLight or the Phillips Sunrise Wake-up and Sleep Therapy Light and Alarm Clock.

Keep Your Mood Elevated This dark time of year contributes to Seasonal Affective Disorder and – in general – just puts everyone in a funk. Consider diffusing your favorite uplifting oil – I recommend Bergamot as a single oil, but the Citrus Bliss essential oil blend is also a favorite!

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