For Whole-Body Health Try the Pose of the Month: Cat/Cow

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I wanted to take an entire blog post to tell you all about one of my favorite yoga poses. It might seem a little too easy, but there are so many benefits to doing the Cat and Cow yoga posture together.

How to do Cat / Cow pose • Start in a kneeling or tabletop position, with your hands and knees on the floor. Make sure that your arms are straight, with your wrists under your shoulders. Ensure that your knees are aligned with your hips. • Start with a neutral spine with your back flat. Engage your abdominal muscles and take a deep inhale. • As you exhale, round your spine up towards the ceiling, and imagine you're pulling your belly button up towards your spine, really engaging your abs. Tuck your chin down towards your chest, and let your head relax, creating a shape like a Halloween cat. • On your next inhale let your belly relax and drop toward the floor. Arch your back and lift the crown of your head and your tailbone up towards the ceiling. Avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on your neck. Press your chest through your biceps and push your tailbone toward the wall behind you. • Continue slowly moving back and forth between Cat Pose and Cow Pose. Try to connect your breath to each movement by creating a long, slow inhale for Cow Pose and a long, slow exhale on Cat Pose. • Repeat for at least 5 rounds.

Benefits of Cat / Cow Pose For such a simple pose, there are a lot of benefits to including Cat/Cow Pose in your regular yoga routine.

These include: • lower back and sciatic pain relief • stress relief from menstrual cramps • increased flexibility in the neck, shoulders and spine • gentle activation of the muscles in the hips, back, abs and chest • provides gentle massage of belly organs and lungs

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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