Take Your Yoga Off the Mat and Into the Kitchen

Being a ‘yogi’ doesn’t just begin when you set foot on your mat and end when you finish your practice.

Living a lifestyle that includes yoga can include every facet of your day. It doesn’t have to be done all at once; you can start to bring more yoga into your life a bit at a time. One way to do this is to simply eat more plants!

Eating is an important part of your yoga practice. Keeping your body properly nourished and hydrated ensures you have a healthy body and a powerful physical practice. Choose foods that appeal to you, foods that bring you joy to eat. You can still eat foods you love, but make sure you consider what healthier options exist.

You’ll notice that your palate will gradually and naturally gravitate toward more whole fruits and vegetables as your practice improves.

Check out the vibrant colors in the fruit and vegetable section. What color have you not seen on your plate recently? Is there a vegetable you’ve seen but have been too scared to try out? Try to add just one new fruit or vegetable to your life this week.

Make sure you’re eating enough – of the right things. Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables at dinner. Ensure at least a quarter of your plate is a healthy starch like roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash. And the remaining can be filled with legumes, tofu, tempeh or protein of your choice.

Make fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds the basis of your diet. It’s important to remember to eat enough calories to stay strong.

Later on, I’ll share more information on how you can keep your body nourished and your mind clear with a Plant Based lifestyle and an Ayurvedic diet.

For now, can you think of one meal this week where you can plan to include more plants?

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