The Basics of Meditation for Self-Awareness

The Basics of Meditation for Self-Awareness

Meditation isn’t for a specific kind of person. You don’t need to be an advanced yogi or a Buddhist monk to appreciate and practice meditation. You don’t need to be anything at all.

Alive? Check.

Breathing? Check.

Those are the basic qualifications needed to meditate. If you’re reading this, you likely meet those qualifications! That said, you shouldn’t feel like you must meditate to lead a full, healthy life. You don’t. There are, however, some amazing benefits found from engaging in a daily meditation practice.

Meditation increases your self-awareness from the very first time you try it and it only gets better with practice!

When you go through your day, how many thoughts do you think run through your head? Three thousand? Ten thousand? Who really knows. Are you aware of all these thoughts all the time? Or do you have times where you’re not even sure what you’re thinking about and can’t articulate what you want?

Meditation gives you the time needed to get clear on your thoughts and desires. You become more self-aware with every minute spent in meditation. You gradually gain more conscious control over the thoughts you have and the way you think as well as what you’re feeling and what you ultimately want.

This kind of clarity has incredible impact on how you make decisions and how you lead your life. Without clarity on your inner desires, motivations and goals, you can get pulled in too many directions and can’t find true success. The old saying rings true “If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.”

Getting started meditating is easy. Find a quiet place, get into a comfortable position, and be still. If you’re trying to meditate for the first time, set a timer on your phone for just five minutes. You can do anything for five minutes!

Get comfortable, close your eyes. Begin to focus on the breath and notice the thoughts that come through your head, acknowledge them and let them go. That’s it. That’s meditation. There’s more you can do, but that’s the most basic idea.

Are you ready to try it?

Create that quite comfy space and maybe try out a meditation pillow for your seat... Below are a few options to check out. If on mobile site check them out here and here :) Namaste

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