Introduction to the Basics of Yoga

What is yoga?

At the heart of it, yoga is a union of your body, spirit, and thoughts.

It’s easy to find examples of yoga at its most complicated; examples are everywhere you look on social media. You are already picturing someone who has folded and twisted his or her body into a convoluted pose that looks like a knot used by experienced rock climbers.

That’s not how yoga is for everybody, though! Sure, that image is of an advanced practice and that person has attempted to reach that pose for years, probably. The authentic experience of yoga begins with recognizing that you want to be a healthier version of yourself.

Where should I begin?

Getting to know what that healthier version of yourself truly looks like requires breaking yoga down to the very basics. Looking for a yoga class that is especially for beginners is a wonderful place to start. The kind of gentle guidance offered by a local yoga class is perfect even if you’ve never tried yoga before.

What will I get from yoga?

Yoga is practiced by people all over the world for many reasons. Frequently, yoga is used by people who tend to suffer from health problems like pain, stiffness, fatigue and sleep disorders. The physical practice of yoga is a perfect way to get relief from these and many other issues.

One thing to remember is that you don’t need to be flexible to begin a yoga practice. The practice of yoga is what helps you get flexibility back! Regular yoga practice will not only increase your flexibility, but also your stamina and strength, as well. Other benefits of a regular yoga practice include improved blood circulation, better weight management, stress relief and pain relief.

In short, developing a personal yoga practice will improve your life in an incredible variety of ways!

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