Welcome to my dōTERRA Essential Oils page! I encourage you to scroll down to learn more about doTERRA and why I chose to be a wellness advocate, how you can get to know and purchase oils for your home and life, and how you can get involved with this amazing company yourself.



dōTERRA is one of the leading essential oil brands on the market today.

The company’s mission is tri-fold:


  1. Share therapeutic grade essential oils with the greater public and educate about their use.

  2. Make a positive impact on the lives of their farmers, harvesters and distillers through Co-Impact Sourcing.

  3. Inspire wellness, empowerment and abundance in the lives of others.

That is a mission I can stand behind! How about you?


dōTERRA rigorously tests their products through the Source To You program so you can feel confident about utilizing their products within your family, as well as sharing them with your friends and the greater world.


After using many of their products in my own life and in my yoga classes, I am proud to have signed on as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. I’m grateful to be able to bring education, products, and resources to you and those you love.


Have you been on a journey to rid your life of chemicals, clean up your diet, make healthier choices for your family, move yourself closer to your goals and align with your path?

You’ve come to the right place and the right products to make that happen. Utilizing essential oils has had a huge influence on my life and will on yours, too. There are so many amazing oils, each with their own unique set of uses and benefits.


dōTERRA products fit seamlessly into your busy life and healthy goals. From natural cleaning strategies to internal health benefits to external relaxation, you can find ways to integrate essential oils in ways that will benefit you, your family, and your healthy lifestyle.


Check out my blog for more ideas and tips about how to utilize dōTERRA products and feel free to contact me with any questions or to learn how to purchase your oils at krooszyoga@gmail.com or through my Facebook page at Nicole Kroosz Yoga + Wellness.


Are you looking for a passive income business that rewards you for your own purchases and includes a fantastic compensation plan? dōTERRA has that too!


Becoming a Wellness Advocate offers a unique way to share your passion for essential oils, educate others, and earn what you deserve.


If you know and believe in the healing benefits of essential oils and want to get more involved, I encourage you to reach out and learn how you can work with me and dōTERRA to embrace this passion and empower others.


Please kindly send your inquiries to krooszyoga@gmail.com